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Rosie Williams - SEO & Marketing Consultant

SEO, Marketing, Web Design & Development, Copywriting

Who I am

I am a freelance SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant living in Brighton, East Sussex. I started freelancing in February 2015 after taking a Winter escape to South East Asia and I am now building a business providing a range of digital marketing services, consultancy and web project management. I don't always work alone - I have a team of expert freelancers I can call on which takes away the worry of resourcing or skill gaps for my clients.

What I do

I help small - medium sized businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies in line with business goals. As an experienced SEO consultant, I work with businesses to analyse their current web presence and implement ongoing improvements. I regularly work with existing websites as well as new website build projects.

Who I do it for

Start-ups: Start up businesses often have a whole heap of fantastic things going on but simply not enough resources to get everything done. I can step in and help out with all sorts of activities which help you to grow your businesses. For start-ups, hiring me is a low-cost and flexible way to keep innovating and moving quickly.

Small to medium businesses: For many businesses, it may not be the right time to employ a marketer or project manager full-time but you know you need to address your marketing activities. By hiring me, you can get all the benefits of having your own marketing department without the commitments of full-time employment.

Agencies: I work with agencies to pick up some of the slack on marketing tasks for their clients when they face temporary workload increases. I also regularly assume the position of SEO manager on website projects with agencies, including new websites and migrations. Many design-led agencies build fantastic websites for their clients but do not have SEO resource to check the nitty grittys - I step in to fill this gap and ensure these stunning new websites also perform well online.