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If Destroyed Still True

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Brighton’s best loved post production house celebrates 10 years with a new website and rebrand.

For all the talk of London-by-the-Sea, creatives actually working in Brighton know how hard it can still be to drag business away from the capital. However, one outfit which has consistently managed this is The Edit, a post-production team that's celebrating going to toe-to-toe with the big smoke for ten years.

Founded in 2006 by industry veteran Dave Austin, The Edit offers the kind of service and expertise you’d expect from the heart of Soho. Over the years they’ve worked with the likes of the BBC and Channel 4 to deliver TV series’ including Supernanny and Food Unwrapped, alongside acclaimed features such as Toby Amies’ ‘The Man Whose Mind Exploded’.

To mark their 10th birthday The Edit wanted a rebrand and new website which would reflect and celebrate their experience within the industry. Dave Austin says, “we needed an agency with a fresh perspective that could look at where we are, what we’ve achieved and where we’re going”. This veteran team turned to an unexpected source – maybe the newest graphic design studio in town, If Destroyed Still True. However, they were always in good hands as this fledgling studio is helmed by Gray Simpson, an experienced designer who’s been cutting his teeth for a number of years in Brighton agencies.

The result is a confident new identity which will comfortably see The Edit through their next 10 years and beyond. Gray Simpson says, ‘we wanted to create something that reflected The Edit’s working process and emphasis on craft, so we looked to their tools for inspiration’. This led to the appropriation of the ‘in’ and ‘out’ symbols from the Avid Editing Suite as square brackets within the logo. With square brackets typically used within literature to denote modification to the original author’s words, they provide a good typographic analogy of the editing process.

If Destroyed Still True also designed and built a shiny new responsive website for The Edit. This showcases their best work, highlights the great relationships they’ve established and introduces the services their experienced and talented team can offer. It’s built with growth in mind and Dave Austin says, ‘We feel we now have the right platform to take The Edit to the next level and build on the skills and connections we’ve forged over the past 10 years.’

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