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Piernine Limited showcase - Energifix

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The Challenge

Piernine were briefed with developing the Energifix brand and the company’s digital and marketing strategy. Providing this new company with the foundation and solutions to have confidence to go and win new business in the emerging sector.

Energifix is involved in a rapidly evolving market where companies and homes need to utilise the low cost renewable energy and grid technologies. Setting up the website and the digital marketing to reflect the professional turnkey service they provide involved an interesting process of market research in order to differentiate.

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The Results

Our initial research and audit went on to inform quarterly actions based on achieving the following as examples:

A better understanding of how people are finding and using the site.

Combine the SEO and competitor research findings (what paid advertising key competitors are doing) to guide the organic & paid strategy for generating new leads.

Define longer term plans for continual optimisation of the site and marketing channels.

Within a digital marketing context, we can track and measure the results of any activity. It’s key that we keep an eye on the key metrics to help gauge success ie; are you getting good value from your marketing investment. For Energifx, both Paid and Organic included and covered;


Drive traffic & awareness in specific locations with targeted PPC campaigns.

Increase awareness with target client groups.


Generate organic traffic (higher % of total website traffic).

Increase enquiries from organic & referrals.

Increase relevancy of content and usability for users (time on site, bounce rate).


With the new website, Energifix saw;

19% Increase in site health after 1 day

65% Increase in organic traffic after 1 month

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