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Mesh Mash

2D/3D Animation, 3D Visualisation/Simulation, Illustration

Who we are

Mesh Mash is a boutique collective of big CG talents creating high quality 3D animation, motion design & illustration. Founded by director & artist, David Todman, he brings over 20 years experience working with world-leading agencies and brands*.

* 2018/19 Clients include: Sky Creative, Saddington Baynes, Territory Studios, Futurebrand, Lonely Leap, Global Fire Creative.

What we do

We produce outstanding 3D motion graphics, illustration and visual effects in a wide variety of visual media: broadcast graphics, branding, experiential and web campaigns.

Who we do it for

We're a partner agency to both non-creative businesses and design / production companies who occasionally require work beyond their in-house capabilities.

Mesh Mash is now focused on partnering with smaller organisations who might otherwise think film quality CG is beyond their reach.

Friendly, ingenious and able to take an idea from stick drawing to screen, Mesh Mash is the perfect connection if you need high-end visual material but aren't quite sure how to get it.