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Mesh Mash

2D/3D Animation, 3D Visualisation/Simulation, Illustration

AppirioDX Explainer Animation

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The Challenge

Working directly with Appirio's Global Creative Director Matt Moring and DevOps Lead Andrew Davis, Mesh Mash had just 8 weeks to produce quite a technical piece of 3D animation for B2B conferences and seminars in North America. The goal was to clearly explain the problems and solutions that AppirioDX addressed for its core client base - a tricky task given the abstract nature of many structures and concepts within software development.

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The Results

Appirio's Global DevOps Lead, Andrew Davis, wrote:

"David was flexible, responsive, and concerned about our project. A pleasure to work with and was able to balance the artistic impact of the video with my insistence on making it accurate. I'd highly recommend Mesh Mash for teams needing any kind of animations or visualizations."

You can see the final results of our collaboration below.

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