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Free SEO and Social Media workshops (with visual facilitation!)

Exclusive offer for Wired Sussex members - Free SEO and Social Media workshops (with visual facilitation!)

Sometimes all it takes for your business to be more successful online is a little helping hand.

Brighton based Digital marketing agency, GOAT, alongside Graphic Recording and Visual Communications company, M.I. Scribe, are offering Wired Sussex members and their contacts the chance to benefit from free one-to-one SEO and social media workshops. M.I.Scribe will be providing a graphic recording of each session, to harvest the key ideas and concepts we will discuss.

You’ll leave the workshop with the insight you need to improve the visibility of your business online, increase engagement with your target audience and turn that increased interest into sales, along with an understanding of how simple visuals can help your business overcome complex problems.

There are only five workshops available - so get in fast!

Each 45-minute session is delivered by Benedict Adam and Ben Robson, digital marketing experts with over 18 years’ combined experience across almost every sector you can imagine.

You’ll walk away with a fantastic M.I.Scribe graphic recording of your session to pin on your office wall - packed with actionable insights to make your business more successful online.

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Date of workshops

Workshops will be held on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, at Wired Sussex’s premises in New England House.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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