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3D Muscle Lab: New Website Package

3D Muscle Lab: New Website Package header image

The Challenge

David bought our New Website Package for the purposes of hosting and selling his new premium Anatomy and Muscle Function course. Under the brand 3D Muscle Lab, the new website has a singular focus in driving traffic to the course and converting leads.

The Results

“From the beginning of my project,, I took advantage of the expertise of Wildheart Media. They did the legwork and design needed from the beginning that helped me focus on what the brand would look and feel like. They researched the marketplace that 3DML would live in, who the target audiences were, researched what the competition was doing, and then suggested an approach to create a successful online presence. With the launch behind me, I can easily say that having a solid foundation of research and information led to a better than expected outcome. I always turn to Wildheart Media when a new project begins and you should too.” – David Keil

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