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Hero IT Support

Technical Support, Web Design & Development, Systems Integration, Business Services

Who we are

We’re an innovative Brighton-based IT support company, currently serving locations all over the UK. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional technology and outstanding customer service to small and medium businesses. Over the 11 years of establishment, we have been accredited by and partnered with Microsoft, Xero, Dell, Hp and ZYXEL. This allows us to bring trusted, cutting edge technology to your business

What we do

Our service offering is broad and comprehensive including: IT support; consultancy; projects; cloud solutions; internet connectivity; backup and disaster recovery; IT continuity; IT security; software development etc.

Who we do it for

Whether your business is looking to fully outsource its IT requirements or you need to compliment your existing in-house team, we offer a wide range of outsourced technology services, tailored to your businesses unique needs - helping you do what you do best and drive your business forward

We like to work in partnership with your business to improve efficiency and increase productivity through utilising the right technology. Our clients even say that "we feel you are one of us rather than a supplier".

If you ever want to find out if there is anything more that IT could do for you to drive your business forward, reduce costs, and improve your systems, please contact us today. An initial chat and meeting is all it takes to find out. We would be delighted to help