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How Brighton’s Leading Digital Apprenticeship Training Provider Adapted to Lockdown

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The Challenge

The sudden lockdown in March 2020 turned the world of work upside down. The Creative Process team packed up the office and headed home to convert our living rooms into a working space. This was a particular challenge for our young digital apprentices who were just beginning their new careers and likely their first job including 20 new digital marketing apprentices that Creative Process remotely enrolled just three days after lockdown was announced.

Fortunately, with some fast solutions and long working days, COVID did not stop our apprentices continuing with their training and professional development as we immediately put a strategy in place to switch to a remote programme. AS a digital skills training provider we were already lucky enough to be in a position whereby 25% of our blended training model was delivered online which meant we already had the infrastructure and systems in place to make a speedy transition to a 100% online programme.

We were conscious that inducting apprentices remotely would be a very different experience for them so our mission was to ensure that this would go just as well, if not better. Learning continued via our Smart Assessor virtual learning platform with more frequent and shorter bite sized sessions in contrast to a full day of class-based learning. The training team were fantastic in providing every apprentice with the 1:1 support that they needed, for example how to make remote working effective. We provided weekly and regular comms and check ins for those dealing with furlough and redundancy. We also took time to contact our employers to ask what support we could provide and to understand what challenges they were dealing with.

The Results

Initial results were promising as learners stayed engaged employers were responsive. AS we progressed it became clear that our programme was continuing intact far more effectively and efficiently than originally anticipated. What has really stood out from our apprentices and employer partners has been their resilience and determination to get on and make things work.

Now almost a year on and in our third lock down, we are pleased to see local employers are still hiring new digital apprentices and confidence seems to be returning. As a society we have probably experienced more digital transformation in the last year than we have in the last 5 years and this continues to drive the demand for the digital skills and capabilities that we offer

IN early February we are welcoming a new group of 25 digital apprentices; all with new jobs with a wide range of employers that are committed to supporting young people and embedding digital apprenticeships and skills as a part of their growth strategy. More than ever employers understand that digital skills and capabilities are critical for effective working in the 21st century and for staying ahead of the game.

Digital Marketing Apprentice Georgia, has recently been set up from home as a result of the current lockdown. She reflected on her experience of working remotely…

How have you found your job so far and what has it been like starting a job during lockdown?

“Like many others, this will be the first time I have had to work from home which has been both a challenge and exciting experience. I have regular contact with my team through video calls, so in a way it’s almost like talking face-to-face. And every time I’m given a new task, I am given all the support, tools and resources I need, including the use of a computer to work from which has been a big help. It’s made me feel like the company values the work I do and my desire to evolve my skills to become an asset.”

How have you kept motivated whilst working from home?

“Of course, the best place to get on with work is the office and I hope to get back as soon as it’s safe, but being able to communicate with both my colleagues and tutors on my course is a really big help to keep me motivated. I’m really glad to be part of such a friendly and inclusive team.”

Chris, Director of Operations

“The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for so many and affected us all. With the news of lockdown in March 2020 we needed a new plan to make the continuation of programmes for our apprentices and employers work. Whilst video conferencing had been used to support our learners and employers providing a great platform for reviews and short sessions to embed classroom training and assignment activities we had not run full day knowledge or skills training this way. The whole team stepped up to the challenge. We already had subject matter experts but what really came through was collaborative working to up-skill everyone on the tools and techniques of remote learning. Content reviewed, video conferencing tools explored, ideas shared and tested, the new approach communicated out to everyone and learners and employers received continued momentum of high-quality programmes during such a difficult time. We will always focus on the best possible delivery of all our programmes and we advocate classroom learning but we will continue to make remote training work for our learners and employers.”

Jack, CEO of Creative Process

“As a leading digital skills training provider with 10 years of experience we take pride in doing what we can to help support our employers and apprentices during a time of huge digital change and challenge. In partnership with young people and local companies we’ve all gone the extra mile to make it work, to protect jobs and livelihoods and to become stronger and ready for better times. Along the way we’ve discovered that this is the deep value of shared experience and collective intelligence’.