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Abseil from the i360 tower

I'm abseiling down the i360 tower on Thursday evening to raise cash for the brilliant Clock Tower Sanctuary, a charity helping vulnerable homeless young people. It's a bit last minute - someone dropped out and I offered to step in.

I'm a little bit nervous about this, so please feel free to hand over any pennies you can.... raising cash for them will help me feel much better about this! If you can donate £1 (or more), the link is

I start the descent at 8.30pm and I'll probably be blubbing and whimpering all the way down, so you're very welcome to come and watch - and comfort me when I finish.

Why? Anyone who knows me has heard me talk repeatedly and at length about homelessness. This event’s a way to attract attention, as well as money to support CTS. Sometimes in life you just have to say yes when a chance like this comes along.

Fun fact: the i360 descent is 500ft. No, I've never abseiled before. Gulp.