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Connected Copy

Copywriting, Design & Branding, Marketing

Who we are

Connected Copy is a SEO website content & copywriting service in West Sussex that helps UK businesses build their online brand presence.

• When we work together, you’ll get the commitment of an experienced copywriter with the digital knowledge to make your marketing message work online

• I hold Integrated Digital Marketing certificates from City University, London, and Hubspot Inbound Certification (2016)

• I have a strong previous professional background with the BBC, as an award-winning journalist who has written for dozens of UK and international national newspapers, and worked as an international magazine editor

• I have full working proficiency in French and Spanish

What we do

• Carefully crafted on-page SEO content to increase your Google ranking

• Powerful web copywriting to engage your customers and help outshine your competition

• Focused digital communications, landing pages, email newsletters, social media posts etc to convert your visitors into leads

• Structured and well-researched blogs to build authority and boost your online presence

Who we do it for

You may have a clear marketing plan or a single brief – I’ll work to order. If not, we’ll discuss your business goals then determine your best content strategy. I’m also willing to work alongside your developer/marketing team.

• My aim through Connected Copy (it's a mindset, not just a name!) is to help you make your marketing more effective by building on your brand consistency. More than ever, your brand, whatever the size of your business, defines everything you do.

• Like every business type, you need to market the benefits of your services, products or niche to your specific customers. As a business copywriter with strong research and analytical marketing skills, I’ll capture the essence of your services and help push you forward.

• I’ve written for diverse sectors from gas pipelines, rubber production, horticulture, landscaping, international finance, the medical industry, overseas property, interior design, cosmetics, shoes, health, to hotels, resorts and eco-tourism reserves, and more.

• Sectors I cover include: Travel & Tourism; Property & Real Estate; Medical & Healthcare; Consumer Lifestyle; Business & Finance.

• Contact me to talk your project through with no obligation at