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Beat the Strikes! Free Hot Desking for Stranded Worthing Commuters

The summer of rail discontent has already spilt over to a miserable winter travelling by train, with the announcement of 14 days of planned strikes by the RMT on Southern Rail.

The first two set of 3 day strikes are behind us, with another three sets o= in the final 8 working weeks to Christmas.

The next strike days are November 4th / 5th.

However, for the beleaguered commuters of Worthing help is at hand. Local co-working venue, Freedom Works, is offering stranded and frustrated commuters from Worthing with free hot desking in Worthing for the rail strikes.

“Having commuted for years I understand and empathize with the frustration we as commuters have”, outlines Jon Trigg, MD and founder of Freedom Works. “It’s really stressful for a lot of people who have to commute to work. For a lot of us it’s not always practical to work from home, especially those with young families.” Trigg goes onto explain.

“In this day and age with access via mobile to emails and file sharing, there is nothing to stop remote working, apart from a conducive environment. We’re finding more and more companies are open to the idea of those employees who commute a distance to work from home 1 or 2 days a week”, Trigg elaborates. “And these disruptive strikes really offer an opportunity for both employers and employees to work smart...spend their energy on being productive at work, than battling a way to and from work, which is no good for anyone!”

So, help is on hand for Worthing commuters who could be affected by the rail strikes. Free hot-desking on rail strike days in a modern, energetic work environment with strong WIFI allows those to ‘plug and work’, providing a better work life balance and more productivity for their employers.