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Matt Oakes - Mobile Development Consultant

Strategy, User Experience

Who I am

I am a mobile app consultant who works with companies to build and improve their mobile presence. I create apps which users love and which help businesses reach and engage with their best customers.

What I do

I specialise in helping companies with their mobile strategy and Android & iOS development. The apps I create are native apps, which means they are purpose built for the user's phone, making it feel delightful and right at home.

Who I do it for

I work with a range of different companies, from those who realise they need to "Go Mobile" through to those who's current mobile presence is underperforming and needs improvement.

Before becoming a consultant, I worked at an agency where I developed both iOS and Android applications for many big names such as Google, Tesco, and Concur.

Take a look at my portfolio on my website to see more about my past projects.