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Matt Oakes - Mobile Development Consultant

Strategy, User Experience

Client testimonials

  • “Matt did a fantastic job managing the Playbook project – he was responsive, communicative, and helpful throughout. He approached the project and any challenges with enthusiasm, actively seeking out solutions that worked for everyone and tied back to the goals of the project.” — DOM ELLIOTT, HEAD OF GLOBAL DEVELOPER MARCOMMS, GOOGLE PLAY   Playbook by Google Play launched as an open beta at Google I/O 2016. With the new app, Google wanted to make it easier for developers to find the information they need to create great apps and games and grow their businesses. At its core, the Playbook is a tailored list of the latest articles and videos from Google experts to help developers grow a successful business on Google Play. I worked on this project while at ribot. As well as native Android & server development, I had the role of project manager. I liaised weekly with Google stakeholders throughout the project to ensure it was on track and we were meeting our goals. Download from Google Play →

    Dom Elliot, Head of Global Developer Marcomms