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Cyclr Introduced New Green Initiatives to Offset Carbon Footprint

We are in an unprecedented situation with our climate, and the decline of trees across the world. With billions of trees being lost annually, reforestation is a viable strategy to reverse climate change.

At Cyclr we wondered how we can take part and introduce more green initiatives to our working practises. After some research we came across RaaS, Reforestation as a Service. A solution from Digital Humani, who connect websites and mobile applications to trusted reforestation partners by providing a simple and easy to use API. If you know Cyclr you know we love APIs! 

Digital Humani simplifies and automates the tree planting process for businesses big or small with its free technical solution. Enabling organisations to easily plant trees via reforestation partners and achieve a high monthly tree planting rate of hundreds of thousands. 

How does Digital Humani work?
Implementing the Digital Humani API is pretty straightforward. Simply choose the reforestation project you would like to donate to. Then add a short piece of code to your website or app to call the API requesting the planting of a tree. When your users make the action of your choice, this could be buying a specific product on your website, a request to plant a tree will be made. 

That’s it, a tree is planted! Your organisation will then be billed $1 per tree from the project you are working with. You’ll be able to see how many trees are planted via monthly reports and those who make the action will receive a certificate.

What is Cyclr doing with Digital Humani’s API?
We have chosen to partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit reforestation organisation planting trees across the world and where they are needed most. 

The RaaS will initially be applied to our Newsletter subscription button. For every new action taken a popup will activate where a user can input their email address. A tree will be requested with One Tree Planted when the user subscribes to our newsletter. The user will then receive a certificate thanking them for their donation.

Other organisations have thought of different creative ways to implement RaaS. Tezlab for instance, a car monitoring app for Tesla owners. It uses an API to fetch the quantity of CO2 released at the specific location and time when the car was charged electronically. Users can pay to request trees for the CO2 generated when charging their car. With 3,000 trees requested each month. 

The RaaS can also be implemented when a user makes an in-app purchase, a user switches to online billing, or refers a friend. In the future we intend to extend the RaaS to other aspects on our website, social media and customer surveys. 

We are implementing this green initiative to help offset our carbon footprint, and encourage further climate friendly ideas across our organisation. We ultimately want to have a positive impact on the environment, and help our planet recover and thrive greenly.