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Systems Integration, SaaS, User Experience

CYCLR Achieves SOC2 Type 2 Accreditation

As a UK/European company we have lived and breathed GDPR for many years and both data security and transparency have always been core to what we do. However it is even better to now have this validated at the highest level by an external party. My team works hard every day to ensure we meet the most rigorous standards and they should wear this new badge with pride. The USA is one of our largest markets and it is for this reason that we have chosen to invest significant time and effort to demonstrate our ongoing compliance to US standards.

Fraser Davidson, CEO Cyclr.

Cyclr has always had a solid commitment to putting our partners’ security and data protection first. We are constantly striving to make our controls and procedures best in class and are delighted to have achieved Level 2 accreditation. We understand that data security is never done, and we continue to work hard to ensure we maintain our partners’ trust.

Nic Butler, CTO Cyclr.

Developing integrations with other systems from scratch comes at a significant cost in both time and resources, and often acts as a major hurdle to market penetration for technology companies. Cyclr helps accelerate the integration delivery process and create a frictionless user journey between third parties at scale so software and SaaS innovators can focus on their own development, winning new clients, and growing their business.

Cyclr has built a library of over 400 API connectors that technology companies can choose to create white-label integrations. The library ranges from smaller niche services up to widely known global names such as Google AdwordsHubspotMicrosoft AzureQuickbooksSlackStripe and Trello. The integrations can be installed quickly and span business functions such as accounting & billing, data tools, e-commerce, ERP, HR and marketing.

With direct experience of the challenges SaaS companies face when operating at scale, the founding team aims to be the ‘utility company’ to the API economy, providing the pipes and infrastructure to help software work together.

Having taken time to develop their system, the company has seen significant growth in the last few years. Team grew by 57% in 2021 and Cyclr secures a large majority of revenue from international clients.