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Systems Integration, SaaS, User Experience

Who we are

Cyclr is an embedded, low-code integration technology for SaaS platforms and apps, providing a complete solution to serve your customers’ integration needs -- all from within your application.

With a single connection to our API, SaaSs unlock 350+ integrations to popular apps and services. We handle all the updates, providing developer tools that enable the creation of custom connectors and a drag & drop designer to build and publish new integrations in minutes.

What we do

Provide SaaS companies with a fully embedded integration platform, so they can quickly and easily scale their in-app integrations.

Who we do it for

Cyclr's integration platform is used by SaaS companies of all sizes and from all markets, ranging from email marketing platforms, data enhancement, CRMs and business management systems.

The platform is also used as a stand alone integration solution for system integrators and marketing agencies, who want to provide their customers with automation & integration functionality; through their own white labelled platform.