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Baxter and Bailey

Design & Branding

Who we are

Design for good? Is that the same as good design? We think so. We’re an award-winning brand design company based in Brighton. We were founded on the simple belief that if we do our job well, the work we produce will make things better for people.

What we do

Here’s what we offer our clients:

Brand strategy

Brand identity

Brand communications

Brand environments

If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, we’d love to hear from you.

Who we do it for


Is Baxter and Bailey an award-winning brand design company based in Brighton, working with clients here in the UK and also internationally?


Are Baxter and Bailey 100% focused on doing work with real substance and clarity, using creative vim and strategic vigour to help clients make a positive impact on the world?


Would it be fair to say that Baxter and Bailey offer clients a wide range of capabilities, from stand-alone brand strategy, through brand identity and communications of every kind, to branded environments and exhibitions?


Are Baxter and Bailey equipped to take on projects of any size, thanks partly to a network of brilliantly talented regular collaborators?


Do Baxter and Bailey, by any chance, have a way of describing their approach to projects, rather snappily entitled 4D Design (standing for Discover, Define, Design and Deliver)?


Would Baxter and Bailey be happy to have a chat about the challenges and opportunities currently facing your brand?


Would it be possible to see pictures of the Baxter and Bailey team pouting moodily at the camera, as designers nearly always do?