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IT Training, e-Learning

Who we are

DigitalGrads helps businesses find the right graduate talent - and we train them so you don't have to!

We source the best graduate talent out there and get them working on a digital marketing project for your business. This project forms part of their training with us, and is invaluable to the graduate. At the end of the training you may hire the graduate if you feel there is a good fit for your organisation. If not, you have had a project fulfilled at a low cost.

What we do

We take the natural digital savvy of youth and add some practical digital marketing training to produce the best graduate digital marketing talent out there - ready for employment by companies like yours.

Who we do it for

We solve the "experience conundrum":

Grads find it difficult to get employment without first being given the chance - and employers naturally look to hire the best graduate talent they can find - which usually means looking for young people with the most experience.

We've devised a programme that de-risks the graduate recruitment process for businesses; AND gives the grad real-life campaign experience.

Our 6-week programme works like this:

- Businesses get a marketing project fulfilled by a grad to road-test the graduate before committing to employment

- The graduate gets real-life, end-to-end campaign experience managed by industry professionals.

We are currently looking for start-ups and small businesses in the East Sussex area, with a digital marketing project that they need fulfilled.

We'll get a grad to work on it for you, whilst training them at the same time.

We have lots of great graduates who all meet our eligibility criteria just itching to get started.

Contact for more details.