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Research & Planning, Marketing, Digital Printing, Advertising

Who we are

We specialise in quantitative implicit testing, specialising in pack, NPD and concept testing.

If you want to understand the real drivers of consumer behaviour you need to go beyond what is said in focus groups or surveys. We're not saying you shouldn't ask people what they think, but don't just ask.

Our decisions are heavily influenced by factors outside of our conscious awareness. Emotions power decision making.

What we do

Mindlab doesn't just ask people what they think, we find out how they feel. We have a range of both lab based and scalable on-line tools such as implicit testing to help you understand your customers better. Our virtual lab, allows you to test the subconscious quantitatively.

Who we do it for

We work with clients who want to understand the effectiveness of different communications and how they influence people's perceptions and attitudes. This means that we work with a range of clients form political leaders to global FMCG brand such as Diageo, Channel 4, Boots, Innocent, Drinks and The Guardian.