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Joyfully Different

Business Services, Consultancy, Education

Who we are

We support neurodiverse business leaders to understand and embrace their differences and show up as their authentic selves, so they can fulfil the vision they have for their lives and businesses.

What we do

Joyfully Different is a community and learning hub for neurodivergent, purpose-driven business owners, leaders and future founders to connect with a supportive community of business folk who think differently, lead differently and want to do business differently.

It’s a place to do the following:

- Think, debate and strategise on how to fulfil the vision you have for your life and your business

- Hear the insights and experience of others who think differently and reflect on your own unique way of experiencing the world

- Connect with like-minded people who experience the world differently to the majority of people

- Explore how we can make a meaningful contribution to the world as neurodiverse leaders

- Build a supportive community around you that makes you feel capable of anything

- Feel safe to be yourself and show up in a way that feels authentic and comfortable for you

- Question everything and understand we don’t have to accept anything that doesn’t work for us – in life or in business

- Get practical support for business and personal development through workshops and courses

- Gain knowledge, learn new skills, be challenged, try new things and grow as a leader

Who we do it for

Neurodiverse business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and future founders