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MyPocketSkill Ltd

Education, Consultancy

Who we are

Creating a financially empowered Gen Z

What we do

We support young people to connect with opportunities to develop their skills, set saving goals and learn about work & money. Earn. Save. Learn.

Who we do it for

MyPocketSkill is a social impact company. Our platform empowers young people (13-22), who want to develop their skills & experience. We connect young people with employers and provide upskilling support and financial education. We support young people to set saving goals, with earnings/savings stored in a MyPocketSkill account. We also deliver programmes, backed by DfE and DWP, to connect young people with employers and to contribute to their future employability and financial capability.

We have been backed by Innovate UK, Invest4, European Regional Development Fund, Nesta and F6S. We are winners of Google/Deutsche Bank's Global Fintech Competition and are alumni of Technation's Fintech 4.0 programme.