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MyPocketSkill Ltd

Education, Consultancy

Who we are

Helping Gen Z's to build financial capability

What we do

We provide digital and consulting services across the youth employability and youth policy sector, with a particular focus on young people who want to earn money and acquire skills and experience.

Who we do it for

Our platform connects young people (13-19), who want to earn money and acquire skills & experience, with families, businesses and charities. Our approach enables young people to hone and acquire new skills, financial savviness, entrepreneurial flair and gain exposure to different and interesting people and situations.

MyPocketSkill has a social purpose which underpins all that we do. This purpose is to create an environment to help young people to explore what careers may interest them, discover what the world of work may be like, improve their employability (and potentially chances of setting up their own businesses) and to connect to their local community.

We are a member of University College London's EDUCATE programme, backed by the British Educational Suppliers’ Association, the European Regional Development Fund, Nesta and F6S. We are also backed by the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK as winners of the Innovate UK Design Foundations competition.