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Teens Benefiting from Gig Economy

Community start-up, helping teenagers to earn pocket money and acquire skills, chooses Brighton for launch.

MyPocketSkill, an online platform that helps teenagers gain valuable work experience and earn pocket money in the local community, has launched in Brighton and Hove to help residents and businesses 'find a teen for that task’.

MyPocketSkill is the brainchild of parents Matthew Harker and his business partner, Zara Ransley, who met through work a few years ago when they both worked on a project with a social purpose. Matthew explains:

'The initial idea came when I tried to find an after school babysitter for my kids, who could also supervise music homework, and a friend mentioned that they have that kind of help from a local teenager. I looked online and was surprised that there was not a one-stop shop connecting teenagers with people looking for affordable help. So Zara and I went about rectifying this.'

'Brighton and Hove was a natural starting point, with its great sense of community spirit. A few of the local colleges agreed to come on board and pilot with us, recognising the benefit of young people getting valuable work experience while providing a positive service/offering to the local community.'

'The principle is simple – you can just sign up, detailing the task you need doing, agree the rate and get in touch with one of our capable local members. Both parties gain and it encourages positive community spirit by connecting people, often across generations. Teenagers earn money, which is empowering in itself. It can be also used to start their own little businesses, something that we encourage.’

'Tasks range from homework help to pet-sitting, to businesses looking for flexible help with their IT or social media. People are being quite creative and we have even had a request for someone to play a harp at their wedding’.

'We have clear guidelines on the website regarding online safety, all members are verified and all transactions are carried out via the website to maximise security so users can be assured that their personal details remain private.'

One of MyPocketSkill’s customers, who is now also now the ambassador for the business , Phoebe Shergold-Willis, founder of a Drama School said: “MyPocketSkill is an amazing platform that I wish was around when I was younger. After finding my Social Media Manager on MyPocketSkill, I believe it gives young people the motivation to become independent and become part of a team. I'll be posting adverts out on MyPocketSkill in the near future!“

MyPocketSkill has also recently launched in Hertfordshire and is due to expand to other key cities across the UK during the next six months. To find out more about MyPocketSkill visit

About MyPocketSkill is a website which helps teenagers to earn pocket money and acquire real-life skills. The site is FREE to sign-up and it connects teens with local families and businesses to do tasks such as babysitting, dog walking, academic/music tutoring, sports coaching and IT. The solution provides an opportunity for teenagers to earn flexibly, fit in around studies and exams, and gain valuable experience to build their CV or university application.