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MyPocketSkill focus groups bring insights into making platform more user-centred

MyPocketSkill mission is to create an environment where young people, aged 13-19, use and enhance their skills, develop competencies, discover their entrepreneurial flair and get to know better their local community. We do that by connecting them with paid and volunteering opportunities.

To do that well we need to learn what young people, their parents, businesses and local community are looking for in our platform. This is why MyPocketSkill spent the last few weeks running a series of focus groups with different audiences, formats and settings, speaking in total to 97 users, including 70 young people at BHASVIC college in Brighton. We had great insights and now look forward to deploying them to make MyPocketSkill more user-centred.

Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill, said: 'Our users are a great source of ideas and feedback on what works and what does not. It was in particularly good to speak to that many young people, as it is their problem of finding flexible part-time tasks to do, while they are studying, we are trying to solve'.