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MyPocketSkill launch programme to support young people and families affected by the Coronavirus lockdown

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been running focus groups to see how teens and families have been affected by exams being cancelled and the school closures.

As a result, we are now running a specific campaign £5 for 45 minutes whereby Teens can offer virtual tasks to support families, both helping Teens and families in this challenging time. 


  • Sign-in to MyPocketSkill
  • Find a young person to provide online help
  • 45 minute on-line sessions delivered through zoom into your home
  • All messaging and payment safely managed on our platform

Young People

  • Sign-in to MyPocketSkill
  • Create a listing for whatever you want to offer: Art, Drama, Music, Maths, Science homework help or anything else 
  • Check out the MyPocketSkill guide to conducting £5 for 45 minute sessions 

We know these times are challenging for everyone so, for now, we have suspended all charges on our site with an exception of payment charges that are imposed on us by 3rd party providers. Thank you for your support.