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MyPocketSkill Ltd

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MyPocketSkill Launch New Digital Teens Programme

MyPocketSkill is a digital platform and youth consultancy group that helps GEN Z to become more financially capable by connecting them with local tasks and encouraging them to save towards their goals.

How MyPocketSkill can help your business

MyPocketSkill provides a solution where businesses can connect to capable teens with digital skills (after all they are digital natives!). You can find help with social media outreach, data input, computer-aided design, blogs and other digital skills.

Why choose MyPocketSkill?

  • Developing and bringing talent on board and doing so cost-effectively and ethically is always important for a business, more so in times of Covid19​​
  • We onboard all the young people on our platform, including ID and background checks and we interview and provide support to all our young people and customers.
  • All messaging and communication is arranged through the platform, so there is no need to share personal email addresses or phone numbers. 
  • We apply stringent information security standards for personal data, fully compliant the DPA (2018) aka GDPR. 

Please get in touch for more information about how our Digital Teens Programme can support your business.