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Become Communications

Consultancy, Strategy

Who we are

Become Communications is an employee engagement and communications consultancy.

We help business and people grow by making sure that they are getting the best out of each other. We do this by providing you with insights and consultancy on what people are really thinking, feeling and saying about your organisation. We then make recommendations on what can be done to help both become the best that they can be.

In today's digital world,employees are any businesses most precious asset. If you get them on board, the rest - profit, revenue, talent and reputation - will follow.

What we do

We help business and people grow by offering support in the following areas:

- Insights

- Internal communications and engagement consultancy

- Training such as communications training, line manager training and employee engagement training.

- Communications support such as copy writing and content.

Who we do it for

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. Each organisation is different. Clients have included: Discovery Networks, Virgin Atlantic, YMCA, Sky Sports, BNP Paribas and Higgidy Pies.