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the Bicycle Clip Diaries

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The Challenge

My agent vanished...but I'd written the book.

I sent the manuscript to other potential agents: "It's rather agonising really; I think your writing is superb - witty, pacy and readable - and it's a remarkable story. Yet somehow I can't see the ultra-clear hook that's going to persuade a publisher to take a chance on it," said one.

The feedback was positive, but, generally, 'not commercial for a major publisher to invest aren't famous enough'.

So I decided to put it out myself.

The Results

The book is available here:

Judge for yourself: you can buy The Bicycle Clip Diaries here:

It's a story of lugging, loss and edible ants, set in the Andes, Tokyo, Berlin and Brighton. Amongst other things and places.

Limited number of review copies available, and if you are skint please DM me via the site and I'll send you a free copy with season's greetings.

Also, work as a writer, editor, trainer. I'm obviously skint now after spending so much time on the book, so hit me up. I also do podcasts, photography and eLearning.

(I'm learning about making books too, and happy to share what I've learnt)

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