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Factory Internet Ltd

Technical Support, Hosting, Systems Integration, Cyber Security

Who we are

We're a Customer and Business outcome focused Technology company in the South East, we provide expert IT Services and solutions for your business and plug skill gaps in IT teams;

Hosting, 24/7 support, Cloud, Migrations, Consultancy, Monitoring, Voice, Connectivity.

A dynamic team with significant experience in Technology and Customer relationships, we are entirely agnostic and transparent in our approach and will work closely with you to ensure we are seen an an extension of your own IT team or become just that if required!

What we do

We provide Hosting, Consultancy, Cloud services (Azure, AWS, Gcloud), IT Support, E Commerce support.

Management & Monitoring for Cloud systems, On-Premises and Hosted Systems running Windows and Linux.

Paas, Iaas, SaaS.

Application monitoring and support.

VoIP, Connectivity, Office365.

We can provide support services both remotely and on-site.

Who we do it for

We work with a mixture of small to medium sized businesses across Sussex and the UK, from Digital to Public sector, hosting and managing their websites and helping keep their IT Systems Functional and available 24/7.

We also support some of the largest Telecom & IT Companies in the UK by helping them operate their services on a day to day basis.