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Curate Magazine Launch Issue 6: Material

It has been a strong minute since our last release. With a patient mind and some perseverance, the time for issue 6 has finally come. There are many connotations to the meaning of material. Synonymous with industries such as fashion, we wanted to portray a different angle to what material entails. At the same time, not forgetting the associated conventions and challenging those fields.

From sustainable fashion through to the process of waterproofing, we speak with those who look to create a legacy and break from the status quo of fast-fashion. We also look at the nuances of Danish material technology that can suffice even the wettest city in Europe.

In the wider sense, we look at the material in diet and a viable route to saving the planet. A convention and tradition in the East, we question whether insects can become a staple part of the Western diet.

Material can be interpreted in many ways. From houseplants and the independent magazine industry, through to architectural conformities or giving someone the gift of sight. We hope these interpretations challenge thought, open your mind to discussion and spur you to be evermore curious.

This is issue 6: Material of Curate Magazine.