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Wander Through Copenhagen in this New Interactive Guide

Wander Through Copenhagen in the new interactive travel guide by the Curate Labs & Magazine team.

To the locals its København, to us it's Copenhagen. The city of spires may be visually flat but its culture and food scene are anything but! This city is top of the list when it comes to sustainable and ethical living. Organic menus and electric bikes are the norm.

With some of the best town planning in the world, residents and tourists alike can navigate the city easily and cheaply. Hop on the Metro for speed or at your leisure by bike or on foot.

The different neighbourhoods each have their own charms but all share cosy, hip and casual vibes and an air of being young at heart.

We all love to travel, gain new perspectives and enrich the memories that shape us. Often our city breaks are short and therefore should be sweet.

Wandering Through is by no means a definitive guide to a city, more a cherry picked selection of the places and experiences that bring us joy & hope will enrich your journey too.

Wander Through Copenhagen

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