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Curate Labs host two community events in partnership with The Projects

The Curate Labs & Magazine duo host two new events in partnership with The Projects to better contribute and empower the Brighton entrepreneurial and creative community.

Running throughout the year, there will be two local events every month.

The Bigger Picture, a brand focused help hub focused on brand identity and how to better consider your brands presence through adaptability, receptiveness and the ever-evolving industry.

The.Update is a roundtable that contributes to open, connected and transparent communities. A way to build stronger bonds between entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and the wider community as a whole. A periodical update by and for the community in the form of skill sharing, knowledge swapping and exchanging networks and contacts.

Sharing techniques and tools promotes efficiency, improves wellbeing and brings a sense of pride about being part of something greater. A community that brings insights and practices to the table. A family of professionals that inspire, support and celebrate the achievements of one another.

Come along and welcome to the family.

To find out more visit the following links...

Book a brand sitting to discuss The Bigger Picture via The Projects

Information about The.Update and upcoming dates |