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Make Real Ltd

VR/AR/Mixed Reality, 3D Visualisation/Simulation, Experiential Marketing, e-Learning

Who we are

The team at Make Real are pioneers, explorers and innovators. Our purpose is to inspire, immerse and enable people to grow – at work, at home and on the move.

We believe that immersive digital products are transforming the way we work, play and learn. We make virtual reality experiences, augmented reality devices, collaborative ‘serious games’ and other tools that support new types of work, play and learning.

What we do

We’ve helped many organisations engage users through the design and deployment of immersive VR and AR digital products, from large screen virtual reality caves serving the construction sector in the UK and Australia, to networked, tablet-based collaborative games, museum exhibits and outdoor technology showcases.

Who we do it for

We have worked with a range of clients and partners from EDF Energy to Vodafone to McDonald's to Lloyd's Banking Group and many more within the utilities, construction and automotive sectors, creating learning & development, training and simulation experiences around enhanced immersive learning for practical and soft skills.