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Lloyds Banking Group - Personal Vitality & Resilience

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The Challenge

Lloyds Banking Group challenged Make Real to explore how VR technologies could be incorporated to enhance and supplement existing face-to-face soft-skills training for their employees.

Building upon an initial prototype that validated the use case for immersive technologies, Make Real collaborated with the digital learning team at Lloyds Banking Group to create a series of applications around 'Personal Vitality & Resilience' and 'Relationship Management'.

The development challenge centered around designing a solution to be deployed at scale, whilst reducing production costs typically associated with the creation and animation of 3D human avatars.

The Results

The final deliveries have included full and mobile VR applications, utilising Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and the latest Oculus Quest devices.

Internal research and user tests have shown an overwhelming positive response to the training applications and cost savings associated with creating a repeatable, consistent level of experience for each and every employee. By removing barriers such as awkwardness of face-to-face roleplay and real life actors, training results have increased as a result as employees feel more comfortable in practice.

By incorporating off-the-shelf iPhone X depth cameras and facial motion-capture software linked live to 3D human avatar models, development costs have been reduced across the pipeline whilst maintaining a suitable level of finesse and finer life-like details.

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