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CreativeXR - Time Machine

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The Challenge

Create a narrative experience utilising immersive technologies in ways that will drive audience adoption forward through engagement and innovation, whilst enabling venues to operate a performance model that would allow them to generate actual revenue, rather than relying upon funding commissions to show immersive experiences.

CreativeXR is funded by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, aiming to give creative talent the opportunity to experiment with immersive technologies to create new experiences that inspire audiences.

Focused on the creative industries, particularly the arts and culture sector, the programme gives the best creative teams the opportunity to develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content (virtual, augmented and mixed reality).

The programme offers access to early stage finance, facilities, industry leaders and commissioning bodies with the opportunity to pitch for further development funding.

Working with local theatre venue, The Old Market, Make Real offered technical capabilities to create an immersive theatre prototype blending VR and AR within a shared space.

In order to reach a more mainstream audience beyond traditional theatre-goers, Damien Goodwin (known for Teachers, Hollyoaks and TOWIE), was brought on-board to craft the narrative concept, based upon the popular story of H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine”.

The Make Real design team worked with Damien to create a series of narrative interactions, exploring collaboration in a shared-space between VR and AR audience members, acting as time travellers and guardians respectively.

Using branching narratives, based upon audience performance and decisions made together, 8 alternative outcomes to the storyline were created to encourage replay and depth of experience.

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The Results

The 25 minute experience was showcased at The Old Market, Digital Catapult (London), Digital Catapult (Brighton) and The Brighton Dome. As a result, a number of 5G mobile network operators have shown an interest in how the concept can be taken further to encompass greater bandwidth, lower latency and more devices connected to a single network access point, to demonstrate and deliver the promises of the technology to reach true theatre-scale deployments.

If you would like to find out more about how collaborative shared-space experiences can enhance immersive learning and training scenarios, get in touch below.

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