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Hyve Managed Hosting launch 20 minute hardware replacement service

On the 1st of November, Hyve Managed Hosting launched a new service called RapidReplacement®.

As cloud hosting providers, we need to guarantee that business’s websites and applications are kept online at all times. We understand that every second of downtime could impact reputation and performance.

Our RapidReplacement® service guarantees that in the event of any equipment failure in the data centre, hardware will be replaced within 20 minutes. This also includes the identification of the fault, diagnosis and fixing the issue.

Whilst most hosting providers offer a 20-30 minute SLA, this is only for response times of requests, rather than hardware faults. These SLAs only guarantee that a customer service ticket will be responded to within a certain time limit. RapidReplacement® ensures that hardware is fixed and replaced within this time frame, providing business continuity at all times.

Customers using RapidReplacement® have dedicated HP blades attached to SAN storage, and in the event of a blade hardware failure, we are able to reboot the server image over to a spare blade. This process from response time to hardware replacement, takes under 20 minutes.

RapidReplacement® is the ideal solution for retail, eCommerce, financial services and SaaS providers – essentially any business that can’t tolerate downtime.

If your business could benefit from this business continuity service, call our Brighton office to speak to our sales team.