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Hyve relaunch secure file sharing platform

Hyve has recently relaunched an updated version of our popular SFTP service. The new service includes all of the existing secure features for file sharing, but with added functionality and a brand new web interface.

What is SFTP?

SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol, which is a secure method for transferring files over the internet.

Hyve’s SFTP service provides users with a fully managed, secure platform to securely send, receive and store valuable company data. All data uploaded is stored in our ultra-secure UK data centres.

The new interface

The new web interface allows users to access the files on the SFTP server via phone or browser behind a corporate firewall, which adds an additional layer of security for sending and receiving fully encrypted confidential information over the internet.

New features:

- Higher upload limits

- Compatible with mobile devices

- Send files from behind a secure corporate firewall

- Downloadable zip files of files and folders

- Download and upload progress bars

- Drag and drop uploads from the desktop

- 2 factor authenticated

Learn more about SFTP and how Hyve can help your business: