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Hyve Managed Hosting

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How can you protect your business against DDoS attacks?

Hyve is a Brighton based cloud hosting company, specialising in security services. We offer a range of products to help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats, including DDoS attacks.

With the rise in the number of DDoS attacks showing no sign of slowing down, attacks are continuing to grow in size, scale and sophistication. Hyve's latest whitepaper, a DDoS Toolkit, is a fully comprehensive guide on what DDoS attacks are, how they have evolved, and the steps that you can take to protect your business.

DDoS attacks not only cause downtime for the business, but can also have major financial repercussions, can affect customer SLAs and relationships, and ultimately damage the brand.

Hyve’s whitepaper gives a full overview of DDoS attacks and some of the most common types of attacks to look out for. We look in detail at Hyve’s DDoS Defence System and how it delivers a complete DDoS protection solution based on detection, diversion, verification and forwarding to ensure total protection.

Download Hyve’s DDoS Toolkit today to find out how to protect your business.