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Baxter & Bailey Success Story

Baxter & Bailey x Hyve
Baxter & Bailey is a multi-award-winning design agency specialising in brand identity. Founded in 2012, the agency focus on four main areas: brand strategy, brand identity, brand communications and brand environment. The common thread through their projects and cross-sector clients, including Royal Mail and NSPCC, is a desire to make work that has a positive impact on the world.

As a customer of Hyve’s since April 2017, we recently paid Baxter & Bailey a visit to film a testimonial video about their cloud hosting experience with Hyve.

Hosting with Hyve 
Speaking to Matt Baxter, Creative Director of Baxter & Bailey, we discussed the importance of cloud hosting for design agencies and their journey with Hyve so far. Matt commented,

“What is important to us is that the vast majority of our work comes through reputation and recommendation... it’s through a network and it’s about people seeing our work, and really our shop front is our website. We live and die by our work so it’s really important that our website is fast, nimble and able to work across lots of different devices so that people can access the work and see it clearly.”

We spoke to Matt about the reasons they moved to a solution with Hyve and he told us that the first website they launched when the business was founded was built on a very bespoke CMS underpinned by Ruby on Rails. 

“Eventually we decided to move away from that site and develop and grow the site. The move from the Ruby on Rails origin to a Wordpress platform coincided with a desire to move to this cloud-based hosting facility that Hyve was offering. So the smooth transition was really vitally important and that was a key consideration.”

After a seamless transition to Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud, Matt told us they enjoy many benefits of working with Hyve, including “fast and slick” site speed, great customer service and reliability. Matt continued, “It’s very reliable - I was chatting to Sam, our developer, about this the other day and he said he can’t ever recall the site having any downtime, which is pretty rare!”.

We asked Matt how hosting with Hyve has supported the development of Baxter & Bailey as a business. He told us that not only is their work visual, but it increasingly involves motion - whether that is live video or animation. Therefore, a site that can take the weight of such rich content is essential. He commented, “We’re really confident that the platform we are hosted on has the capacity and the stability to support that work that we are doing.”

Finally, we invited Matt to give us any suggestions on how Hyve could improve their services.

“Wow, that’s a tricky one. We’re really happy and as I’ve said, our site is our shopfront and as a really important online resource, it works really successfully. What I should also mention is that we share a building with Hyve and there is a real benefit to be able to see the people that we are working with… if we have any suggestions or things to flag, we can mention it in person and that’s quite rare. We’re really pleased with the service that Hyve provide to us.”

Find out more about Baxter & Bailey on our YouTube channel.