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Success Stories - PTA Events

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The Challenge

PTA Events needed a managed hosting solution that would enable their platform to run effectively and reliably. With their existing infrastructure running everything on a single server, any problem with this technology could cause vital services – everything from emails, codebase and databases – to go down at once. This would not only have a major operational impact, but would affect the brand and the service that its customers depend on.

The previous supplier ran its managed service support team from the US, and so the peak times over in the UK often didn’t match their availability. This meant that when PTA Events had any technical issues, the support team was not always available, leaving customers without the service they needed.

The Results

After deciding to evaluate alternative service providers and conducting online research into their options, Hyve Managed Hosting came out on top.

“We wanted to find an organisation that would work with us to help us grow the company, and there are lots out there. We did some research and found on review sites that Hyve had fantastic reviews – nearly all of which were five stars,” commented David Cooke, Managing Director, CEO of PTA Events.

The migration plan that Hyve put into place was strong, and the development and support teams were able to help PTA Events make the transition from its previous supplier smoothly. There were no major challenges in terms of moving from one server to another, or any DNS changes.

“Hyve knew exactly what we were going to do, when we were going to do it – it was a seamless process that was managed extremely well.”

Hyve understands the PTA platform and its purpose, and has a strong interest commitment to the success of PTA as a business. With Hyve based in the UK, PTA Events benefits from a support team that is on hand 24/7 to assist with any problems that occur and work to resolve them quickly. Hyve is able to manage issues within 10-15 minutes, and even less if it’s a priority.

“In the last fourteen months that we’ve been with Hyve we have had zero downtime, and it’s been absolutely fantastic,” Cooke added. “There’s an increase in performance and it’s not just us that’s noticed, it’s our clients as well and their end users.”

PTA Events now benefits from multiple servers that have allowed it to scale-up considerably, and thereby continue to offer its services for free to charities, PTAs and non-profits.

“We now have a platform that’s running extremely quickly, that’s running in a multiserver environment, that’s stable and secure, and it’s everything that we want it to be to grow.”