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Creative Stack

Web Design & Development, Programming, Project Management, e-Commerce

Who we are

Creative Stack is a scalable technology partner to creative firms, start-ups and scale-ups.

Our unique service model combines strategic technology consulting and technical project management, with technology experts from around the world to deliver your game changing projects from A to Z, maintaining the highest quality and always predictable results.

We guarantee we will bring your software development to the next level.

We promise:

No Bull****, Straightforward Development

No Unnecessary Code or Bloated Software Solutions

Absolute Transparency and Clear Communication

No False Promises or Pixie Dust

100% Proven Delivery

What we do

Expertise Overview:

MVP builds, Web Apps, Flutter & Native Mobile Apps, API Production, Application Refactoring, System Redesign, Comprehensive Code Reviews, High-load and Data Streaming solutions, Infrastructure blue printing, Performance management.


Our Small to Medium size CMS and CUSTOM development projects are built on top of powerful LAMP architectures:

Symfony, Laravel, Yii2, WordPress and its open-source e-commerce plugin WooCommerce.

Our Mid to Large CUSTOM development projects built with micro services include:

Python using Django framework, Reactjs with AntD UI framework, Flutter toolkit for cross-platform applications, Persistence Layer, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CICD, GitLab and GitLab Pipelines, GitLab registry. Kubernetes Container Manager, Monit server monitoring, Automated Infrastructure Deployment: ansible scripts, Web servers/proxy: Nginx.

Who we do it for

Calling all mission driven Agencies and Business Owners!

During years of developing projects we’ve had the honour of working with some of the biggest international brands like Samsung, Philips, London Olympics 2012, BBC Formula 1, BAFTA Awards, LIDL, Telus International, Turner Broadcasting and Goldsboro Books through agencies & startups just like you.

We excel at MVP's and refactoring or redesigning scale up projects that have high-load and data streaming requirements demands such as growing E-commerce market places and Fin-tech projects.

Imagine having:

Clarity & Confidence … in your Software Delivery, no matter the complexity.

Peace Of Mind… knowing all ambiguity has been removed from your technical project.

Authority… to walk into any meeting knowing you can deliver.

Accountability through a repeatable and dependable software delivery process that is transparent.

Power to push for larger more complex creative projects, making an even bigger impact.

If this strikes a cord, get in touch and let's have a chat.