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Helping gamers stay in touch during lockdown

MAG Interactive enhances chat features on multiplayer games

Mobile gaming company MAG Interactive has enhanced chat features in its multiplayer games to enable fans to communicate during lockdown.

The studio made the changes after noticing a link between countries on lockdown and the increased use of in-game chat functions.

When players also requested an improved chat experience the studio chose to expand the chat function of their newest word game, Wordzee, to allow better communication between players.

David Amor, Chief Business Development Officer, said: ”The teams have been encouraged by the fact that people are using our games, not just to have fun, but as a method of retaining some human contact with the outside world. In all countries, in all walks of life, it seems that we all want to help each other and we hope that in a small way we can help by building some more community in our games.

”We’ve seen a bigger increase in our multiplayer games compared with our single-player games, plus more people using the chat features within our multiplayer games in countries where there was a strict lockdown. This shows that when contact with other people is restricted, our players are seeking out new ways to find human interaction, which I find incredibly heartening.”

MAG Interactive saw a direct correlation between increased usage of chat features in most countries in lockdown.

The company first noticed the link between increased usage and lockdown in Italy, one of the first countries to shut down, with its game Ruzzle. It’s a game that was always popular in Italy and has provided players with some comfort and familiarity.

Since then MAG Interactive has also seen a direct correlation between game session length and countries with lockdown restrictions. Multiplayer games are also enjoying a much bigger daily uplift than single players games as people look for new ways to spend time together virtually.

Amor adds: ”Our popular Wordzee game had a simple chat system that allowed our players to react to the other player with pre-set messages such as “Congratulations!” and “Good Game!”. Even that simple system was being used more so we took that as a cue that they’d enjoy a fully featured chat system, which is why we’ve released a new version that allows chat similar to a WhatsApp conversation. Games are fun when you get to know the person at the other end, so we’re hoping to see some rivalries develop!

”We will keep trying to find other ways our games can help support our players in this difficult situation, and listen to them for feedback about how we can keep their spirits up.”

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