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School of the Wild

Business Services, Education, Strategy

Who we are

Founded by Nigel Berman in 2015, we are experienced leadership development and team strategy day facilitators, and we're passionate about helping reset organisations by bringing your people into nature.

What we do

At School of the Wild we help leaders to reset your teams.

We offer leadership development and team building programmes to help organisations build stronger relationships, improve culture, and encourage collaboration by bringing your team into nature to foster a more meaningful way of working together.

By fusing immersive activities - like foraging, whittling, and cooking together over fire - with facilitated workshops that focus on teamwork, wellbeing, purpose, or sustainability, our team building days create space for meaningful conversations and creative thinking, in ways that would never happen in a meeting room.

Back in the office, you'll work together better and do better work.

Who we do it for

We work with forward-thinking digital agencies who put culture first and who want to empower their leaders and reset their teams by spending time in nature.