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Title Media

Marketing, Copywriting, Content Creation

Who we are

Title Media is an established content agency, jam-packed with creatives; from copywriters and editors, through content and marketing strategists, to journalists, social media managers and content writers.

We exploded into the cosmos over five years ago, initially as magazine publishers, but quickly realised our strengths also lay in content marketing, social media management, and traditional marketing, particularly within the SME community.

We're all about the well-crafted word, and the carefully-understood audience. We have a knack for understanding who you are, and who you need to reach.

We like working direct with clients, but have a growing love for working with other specialist agencies who do the stuff that we don't. We're very good at sharing, and supporting. We're also great at helping with pitches and proposals. We are 'let's win this together' guys.

We have a small team in-house, which is a group of warm, jargon-free people who have worked together for years. And we have both an excellent reputation for being professional and trustworthy, and for having a really lovely work ethos.

You'll like us. Let's talk.

What we do

*Does a little dance*

In the early days we tried to do everything, but soon realised that there are things we're just really, really good at. This is our favourites list...

Content strategy

Marketing strategy

Being polite when clients are doing it wrong

Contract publishing

Marketing & content marketing

Social media management

Blog writing, copywriting

Tone of voice work

Insightology (look that up on our website)

Making good coffee

Promotional literature

Workshops - either our own, or something especially just for you

Specialist content - we research like ninjas

Social media ad management

Being real people with emotions, and understanding that your clients are just the same

Overarching strategy - big picture, blue sky thinking

Web design / site map / content

Branding work - especially around colours and emotions

Print. We just love it

There's more, but if you've even read this far you're doing well.

If you want to check us out, have a look at our site or social media, or call us. Just ask. We love askers.

Who we do it for

Some agencies strive to work with a sector. That's not really us, although there are arenas that we're particularly adept in. Mostly what we look for are businesses we believe in, people we trust, and that good old gut feeling. We don't say yes to everyone.

We have worked with clients ranging from a vast multi-national financial products blue-chip (with compliance and regulations that could make your hair fall out), to sole traders with an astonishing brand and product that we have fallen in love with.

For us it's about people. In a world of data and metrics, we like real people, real emotions.