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How collaboration helps us all win!

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The Challenge

This week I wrote a proposal for a client. It was harder than some, mostly because there’s so much uncertainty around everything at the moment. But particularly around this quote, because it was one of those 'piece of string' jobs.

This was for a content marketing job that involves my favourite stuff; strategy and audit, persona creation, tone of voice, colour branding... I love it when a client totally gets that you start with the customer, not with your own business. It’s a rare joy, the client who understands where the true starting point is.

There’s potentially loads of work here and it’s exciting. We’ll (hopefully) be looking at a website overhaul, doing it the right way round for a change (that’s content first, design afterwards in case you weren’t sure!).

And he wasn’t sure how that was gonna look, and what we should do with his brand, as there’s two verticals in the business and two audiences, and what that might mean in terms of social media and so on. It’s a really exciting job and I’m really hoping we get it.

But like I say, it was hard to cost out. So I suggested that we work with him in a way we have found works, increasingly well. And it’s all about becoming part of his team.

Let’s rewind here a second.

Over the past few months (feels like years), we’ve learned to work in different ways. The formal office set up has been blown into oblivion, and flexibility and collaboration have taken centre stage.

What does this mean for employee and team structures? Well, it makes for more flexibility. So instead of having a business where you employ people in-house to cover all bases, we’re seeing separate businesses and talents learning to work together. More like Venn diagrams, if you like, than linear structures.

This has been good for us. Because we see collaboration as the name of the game for the long term win now.

For example, we’re not great at SEO - we don’t do Google Ad work or PPC. We do some web design but complex e-commerce or custom build stuff not so much. We also don't really do much GA analysis. We play to our strengths.

And our strengths?

What we do - and do really damn well - is content. That’s words, pictures, social media, marketing... and we’re at our best when we get to go in early with strategy and consultancy. Then bam! We formulate a great strategy, and get out our silver pens. Well, keyboards. You get the idea.

But what we don't try to do are the things we're not so great at. What we do then is bring in people who know their onions. People we trust.

So this is a bit of a shout out to all of yous in Wired here. If you do what we don’t, and we do what you don’t, let’s talk.


The client I just pitched said he was fed up with having conversations with people who could only do ‘part of the job’. By working with our trusted partners I’ve been able to give him a one-stop solution. He was happy with that.

And I’ve suggested he pays us a monthly retainer with a set of parameters, reviewable after three months. My bet is that he’ll do much better out of us like that, because we’ll act as an extension of his team and not perform like we have that taxi meter running in the background.

So fingers crossed. I’d love to get the job. In the meantime if any of you want to have a chat about working together, and winning business together, email me.

Let’s slay this stuff together. We can be greater than the sum of our parts as allies.

The Results

We have our fingers crossed. For us it's a win anyway, because it's been a lovely journey in terms of learning about methodology.

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