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The Content Boutique


Who I am

My name is Claire Hawes and I’m a copywriter.

I’m known for my clear and simple writing that gets important information across quickly.

Most importantly, I make sure your messages are acted on.

What I do

I write words that persuade people to buy from you. My copywriting services include:

- SEO copywriting

- Content creation - I write blogs, email nurture campaigns, newsletters, e-books, white papers and more

- Customer case study writing

- LinkedIn profile optimisation

- Website content audits

Who I do it for

If you’re a business owner, marketing manager, web or design agency, then my copywriting services:

- Save you time

- Give readers compelling reasons to choose your products and services

- Give readers confidence that they’re making the right choice

- Guide readers to take your desired action

- Build trust

- Nurture relationships

- Eradicate grammar issues