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Mathilda Gregory - freelancer

Copywriting, Marketing, Social Media

Who I am

I am a talented and award-winning writer with an excellent grasp of the subtleties of voice and style, and a knack for finding the angle and making complex information both clear and interesting.

What I do

I love stories. I think all humans are drawn to stories. Writing is about finding the story and finding the most compelling way to tell it. This is what I want to do more of in my work.

Who I do it for

I have worked as a freelance copywriter and journalist for 14 years. My journalistic work appears regularly in The Guardian and on Buzzfeed.

My copywriting clients include Novartis Opthamology for Oliver Agency, Diabetes UK for Neo Creative, Readers’ Digest, Big Finish and Saga. I’ve worked recently for website relaunches for Brighton Fringe and content creation for Brighton Science Festival.

I’ve been a lead writer and story consultant on the fitness app and game Zombies, Run! since 2014.