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A Squared

App Development, Mobile Design & Development, User Experience

Who we are

A Squared is a fast-growth web and mobile application development company in the heart of Brighton. We're built on a cooperative foundation allowing half our profits to be shared back with our exceptional team.

What we do

Automation and Digital Transformation is at the heart of what we do. We specialise in the discovery, design and development of stunning user experiences underpinned by astute commercial strategies. We use React, React Native, Firebase, GraphQL and a few other tools to deliver winning results, at an incredible pace.

Who we do it for

We primarily specialise in Health Care, Fitness and FinTech and enjoy working with amazing clients from Jessica Ennis to Health Care America.

Where necessary, we integrate seamlessly with in-house development teams, bringing a new perspective and energy to rapid product launches. Bring us your idea and our team of commercialisation experts, designers and developers will bring your idea to life in no time at all.

We're recruiting too, so reach out and let's get talking.