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Link My Ride

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The Challenge

Having originally launched an MVP app to a small user base, Link My Ride did what every good startup should do: use the MVP as a learning experience. By listening to their users, seeing which features worked well and which were needed, Link My Ride gained more clarity for their next steps.

The initial brief was disarmingly simple: Design, build and launch a new mobile app that matches the founders’ high level of ambition plus the historically high standards of cyclists.

The new app needed to provide both club riders and solo riders the ability to easily find, create, organise and join rides in their geographic locations, and at a skill level befitting of their capabilities. The use of a single code base would allow for faster production and future maintenance.

With a clean slate to start from, we began to reimagine the app experience from the ground up, starting with the user experience and an improved visual language, before moving into rapid, feature-based production aiming to launch at the 2022 Tour of Britain.

The Results

Working with Jacques and the Link My Ride team has been fantastic. It’s become a passion project for the cyclists in the office, and a lightning rod for trying and adapting new processes, approaches and learnings throughout the project.

With a continually growing user base thanks to great marketing and PR, and a raft of exciting new features and integrations still to come, Link My Ride is on an exciting ride. Add to the mix the notoriety of Tom Pidcock’s cycling exploits matched with Jacques’ business acumen, and we’re thrilled to be an integral part of a unique startup’s journey to success.

We continue to work with the Link My Ride team in a product feature development & support capacity.

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