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2D/3D Animation, Advertising, Audio Production, Design & Branding

Who I am

My real name is Simon Hill.

I got into animation via the Communications Design (BA Hons) degree course that I completed in 2003. Two years later, my spoof iPod ad was selected by the Onedotzero festival and was screened all over the world.

From 2007 to 2009 I animated for LSM. I created character driven animation for many clients including Modern Toss. These animations were part of their second series and were aired on Channel 4.

Since then I've freelanced for many companies from a wide range of sectors including AI, Music, Advertising, Digital Media and Film.

What I do

I create animation, motion graphics, illustration, graphic design, sound design, and music.

Who I do it for

Channel 4 (Modern Toss), Onedotzero, UK Arts Council, DJ Format, Evolution AI, The Yardbird, Record Kicks, Tru Thoughts, MNP, Kay-Dee Records, Medosen Productions, JBIA, Hndaam, Jalapeno Records, Be The Fox, Polar Media, Working Progress, Kauf Creative.